Wisdom in Silence

It was a dingy room with white curtains and pink walls. A single bed with light blue sheets held a little girl in her sleep; a tiny figurine accompanying her in her drowse. The wall facing the bed rendered an altogether contrasting world. The seascape unveiled the desires of the young girl residing in the … Continue reading Wisdom in Silence


Life is undoubtedly a race. One that is impossible to be predicted. One that is no less than the high and low tides in a sea, flowing with its eyes closed. One that does not care how much it scares people off. One that does not bother about the noise it makes. One that stops … Continue reading Why??

Growing up?

  If you're 15, this might scare you off. But you need to read this and cherish where you're. If you've already crossed this age, you would definitely relate to this. Reading this might make you feel better; because writing this made me feel the same. As we grow up, an uncontrollable phenomenon, we go … Continue reading Growing up?